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Give Up A Little - Gain It All

The True Cost of Addiction Impacts Multiple Generations

It is difficult for healthcare alone to help with the epidemic of addiction, when the void that needs to be filled often goes beyond just science and the psychology of rehabilitation. Millions of people feel like that they have been overlooked, or become lost along the journey, and are caught in repetitive cycles of escapism and depression as they subconsciously give up. Our program and methodology combines a number of unique approach strategies towards helping individuals and families discover a positive reset button, and paves the way to new beginnings that can quickly help change directions for both those that are addicted and their immediate family members and peer groups. The program stimulates investments into distressed billboards and traditional OOH points that are heavily underutilized in the most impoverished areas of our country, harnessing a significant national asset in the most critical of areas to insert high impact messages. The campaigns employ both powerful visuals and cutting testimonials, including illustrations of what life is like for both loved ones and children that are left behind post a fatal overdose. Our eight point system draws from some of the most advanced neural programming techniques in the world, letting those suffering from the worst form of self-debilitating addictions see for themselves that when they give up even a little – they stand to gain access to a brand new world.

This project is underway, collecting testimonies and assembling visual elements, and has secured several of the rarest communication and messaging domain names to be utilized as future campaign anchors to maximize reach, memory recollection, and associative identity positioning. The concept of utilizing distressed OOH outlets has already begun to create new paradigms with leaders in the advertising industry, helping to expand their recognition of how resources typically classified as holding less revenue value can be utilized in efforts to help make a positive difference for others.